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While credit cards and debit cards issued by American Express need no introduction, American Express Gift cards command great popularity as well. These are cards loaded with a certain amount of money and are a common form of the transaction at all retail outlets and shopping locations. Even with their benefits, some users find it difficult to use these cards and end up not using them. In such a scenario, one can use the option of converting an American Express Gift card to cash.

Whenever a user fails to use their Amex gift card, it is highly recommended to convert the Amex Gift card to cash. This is because there is absolutely no use of money lying idle in Amex cards, and a reasonable amount of cash is obtained if one chooses to liquidate Amex Gift cards. In this article, we explore various ways to go about this liquidation and its benefits.

Don’t throw away your Amex card just yet! Continue reading this article and find the best way to liquidate it!

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Top 8 Methods To Convert American Express Gift Card To Cash

Let us now see the top 8 ways of liquidating Amex Cards.

Selling The Card To An Acquaintance. 

The simplest way of converting your American Express Gift card to cash is by approaching a friend or someone from the family and proposing to them the offer to sell the card. Selling to an acquaintance comes with an element of trust, and you would probably get the best value for your card.

Selling The Card Online

There are 2 ways you can sell the card online.

On A Website

  1. Another way of converting Amex Gift cards to cash is by selling them on online platforms.
  2. You can make use of websites where goods are usually sold or auctioned. While various goods are sold on these websites, gift cards are also quite popular commodities that are sold. 
  3. Sometimes, e-commerce platforms offer to buy Gift cards as well. Make sure to compare all possible websites and select the best offer. Click here to learn generating unlimited numbers of Visa cards.

On An App

Nowadays, apps have come up that provide offers for those willing to sell their Amex Gift cards. Few e-Commerce websites themselves have developed apps that are capable of performing a sale.

gift cards

It is advisable to compare offers on both apps and websites before proceeding to sell the card.

Card Trading

Trading your card entails you earning cash. This is usually with the help of kiosks where deposition of the card takes place in return for cash. Want to generate unlimited Mastercard numbers? Read This.

Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

Found at grocery stores and retailing complexes, these kiosks are extremely helpful in card exchange. One must insert their card into the system and choose from various options displayed on the kiosk.

gift card kiosk

These options may range from receiving a voucher that can subsequently be encashed, or another Gift card. The best option is to cash out the Amex Gift card using the voucher.

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CoinStar Exchange Kiosk

An upgraded version of a CoinStar machine, this kiosk works on a similar principle as that of Gift card exchange. 

coinstar kiosk

Swiping the Gift Card onto the machine offers you some cashback. The cashback is in the tune of 60-80% of the amount present in the Gift card. Read this article to learn how to check Bin numbers with one click.


Many users exchange their gift cards online as well.

gift cards online

These websites act like kiosks that register the card that one is exchanging and offer another card in its place. 

Digital Wallets

Amex Gift cards are very much compatible with digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

digital wallets

Link your Gift card with your digital wallet and use it for making a transaction on a daily basis till the amount on your card gets exhausted.

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Money Orders

If you are still thinking of how to liquidate Amex Gift cards, another way is to load your Amex Gift card into a Money order.

money order

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Money order is one of the modes of payment where a person has to pay first and then obtain the money order. You can exchange your Amex card for a money order and then deposit this money order into your bank account as cash.

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Reloading Amazon Gift Card Balance

One dying Gift card can give life to another gift card! You can add your Amex card to the Amazon Gift card by following simple instructions on the Amazon website or app.

reload amazon gift card

After this, you can use the Amazon gift card to make purchases on Amazon. This way, you utilize the Amex card and get discounts through Amazon as well!

Utilizing The Card For Hiring And Outsourcing Daily Activities

You may hire people to do some odd jobs for you, such as taking care of your garden, washing your car, cleaning your house once in a while, etc.

taking care of your garden

The people hired to perform this job would be more than willing to accept payment in the form of an Amex Gift card as they can use it at a later point in time as well. Click here for the Dummy credit generator.

Card Donation

This does not primarily involve a conversion of an American Express Gift card to cash; however, you can do a great thing by donating your unused card to a charity, which can make use of the money present in it for charitable purposes.

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What are some of the authentic websites to sell an Amex Gift card?

While there are many websites to choose from, a user must select the website based on the highest conversion of American Express Gift Card to cash and the authenticity of the website. Here are some helpful websites- Raise, Cardpool, CardCash, Gift card Zen.

What are some of the good apps to sell an Amex Gift card?

Most websites that are in the business of accepting Amex gift cards themselves have built apps that perform a similar job. These apps provide cashback benefits, and you can get the money deposited directly into your bank account or a PayPal account. The Raise app is a popular one when it comes to selling Amex cards.

Is selling your Amex card worth it?

As mentioned earlier, money lying idle in the Amex Gift card hardly benefits anybody. It is ideal if one chooses to exchange it or sell it to avail of a better offer in the form of cash or a new Gift card.

What are some of the good websites to trade your Amex Gift card?

Some sites which can act as replacements for physical kiosks and offer a cashback offer or the offer of another Gift Card are- CardCash, Target.

Can I get cryptocurrency in exchange for my Amex card?

Certain websites, such as GiftCash, offer to buy your Amex card in return for a payment in cryptocurrency. This, however, is not very feasible as the value obtained is not very great. It makes more sense to sell your card on GiftCash, which offers close to a 92% payout.


Thus, we conclude our methods of converting American Express Gift cards to cash. The most popular method of all is selling the card online. In fact, the number of websites willing to buy an Amex card has grown exponentially. This, however, has led to problems such as random websites collecting sensitive information for fraudulent purposes and not offering the best offer on a card.

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