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Note : You Can Generate or Validate Generated Card Details from “Generate Card or Validate Card“.

What is a Bank Identification Number?

The bank identification number is a four to a six-digit number that is the initial of a customer’s credit card. The BIN identifies the issuing institution of the card. This number is used for identifying transactions and matching them to the issuer of the card. The system applies to credit card, debit card, gift card, etc.

The system of BIN helps in identifying identity theft and international bank frauds. This system was put to place to have secure cross-border transactions. It is essentially an easy way for a retailer to assess operations via card.

How does Bank Identification Number (BIN) Work?

Bank Identification Number was developed by the American National Standards Institute and International Standard (ISO) to identify institutions that provide bank cards. The first digit is called the Major Industry Identifier, and it specifies the industry. The BIN identifies the source of fund transfer. It also checks the address and phone number if the issuing bank is in the same country.

When a customer makes an online transaction, the card details entered. These details let the retailer know:

  1. The card-issuing institution (Visa, Maestro, Master Card)
  2. The card level (silver, gold, platinum)
  3. Card type (debit or credit)
  4. Country of issuing bank
  5. Name, address, phone number of the source bank
  6. Checking the address of the cardholder

What is BIN Checker?

There has been an increase in international transactions, and this demands increased security. Security is a significant aspect here. The BIN checker safeguards the businesses from fraud and theft. It also makes sure to keep the reputation and livelihood of the businesses safe by keeping a check on international bank fraud and identity theft.

A BIN checker tool validates the bank identification number. The user enters the BIN number, and the tool shows whether it is a valid BIN or not. The BIN checker also provides information about other available cards with the banks. It is an essential tool for the retailers that authorise cost throughout credit or some other cards.

One of the major reasons to use BIN checker is that it regularly updates the database of issuing institutions. There may be a new bank opening up at someplace. It also makes the retailer aware of the latest and updated BINs.

Features of Our BIN Checker

Our BIN checker tool offers the following features:

1. Verification and Validation

The online market is huge and there are millions of transactions going on every second. With online payments, the customers get the ownership of the product right away. Thus, it becomes vital to check who the card belongs when they are making the payment.

When the customer enters card details, the BIN provides a direct and immediate form of information to the vendor. The organization can put red flags according to their policies.

2. Security and Privacy

Our BIN checker tool doesn’t store or access the information entered. The organization owns the data. The data entered is never shared with any third-party organization.

3. Convenience and Simplicity

Our BIN checker tool is very functional and easy. There is no additional knowledge required to use the application. The users have to enter the BIN and check for the validation.

4. International Coverage

The database of our BIN checker is comprehensive since it covers all the BIN ranges across the world.

5. Flexible and easy to Integrate

Our BIN checker tool is easy to code, and the downloadable databases are available in XML and CSV format.