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There are more than 300,000 BIN records available worldwide. Due to this vast number of records & frequent changes, it’s almost impossible to main a BIN list.

To overcome this issue, we’ve created a BIN checker & BIN search tools to help our users find the correct BIN information.

Major Industry Identifier

The major industry identifier (MII) stands for the first digit of the ISO/IEC 7812 issuer identifier number. It’s primarily used to identify the industry within which the card is used.

MII digit valueIssuer category
0ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments
2Airlines and other future industry assignments
3Travel and entertainment and banking/financial
4Banking and financial
5Banking and financial
6Merchandising and banking/financial
7Petroleum and other future industry assignments
8Healthcare, telecommunications and other future industry assignments
9For assignment by national standards bodies

Bank Identification Number (BIN) Range and Length

Issuing networkBIN rangesActiveLength
American Express34, 37Yes15
Bankcard5610, 560221-560225No16
China UnionPay62Yes16-19
Diners Club Carte Blanche300-305Yes14
Diners Club enRoute2014, 2149No15
Diners Club International36Yes14
Diners Club United States & Canada54, 55Yes16
Discover Card6011, 622126-622925, 644-649, 65Yes16
Laser6304, 6706, 6771, 6709No16-19
Maestro50, 56-58, 6Yes12-19
MasterCard2221-2720, 51-55Yes16
Solo6334, 6767No16, 18, 19
Switch4903, 4905, 4911, 4936, 564182, 633110, 6333, 6759No16, 18, 19
Visa4Yes13, 16, 19