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Loaded with a pre-decided amount, Visa gift cards work on the same concept as that prepaid cards and do not require a bank account. These cards are a good replacement for debit cards and credits; they do not have stringent rules for application and come at a cheaper cost. Sometimes, however, cardholders do not use the gift card very often, rendering the card useless. The option with maximum return in such a case is to convert the Visa gift card to cash.

visa gift card to cash

Gift cards are an exciting gift form, and no one would ideally refuse to receive them. Many cardholders go ahead with liquidating these gift cards to earn cash and spend it. However, multiple gift cards are hardly beneficial as you are stuck with cash which can be spent with many restrictions. This article focuses on how to get cash from a Visa gift card

Do not stop here! Continue reading to find the best possible method to get cash from a Visa gift card.

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Methods To Convert A Visa Gift Card To Cash:

Gift Card Exchange Websites 

Gift card exchange websites are simple to earn cash using a gift card. Choosing an authentic website to proceed with such a transaction is a must. Login into it and validate all details. The website will not provide a 100% refund as some money goes into processing.

visa gift card to cash

Some good websites which help in this conversion are Gift Card Granny and CardCash. These websites offer greater cashback that can even go up to 90%.

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Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

This is the offline version of a website where the cardholder can submit the gift card at a kiosk machine to obtain cash. Kiosks are usually located at grocery stores. The cardholder must go to a grocery store and surrender the gift card to the machine. Further, the cardholder must enter card details and print the voucher generated by the kiosk. The cashier of the store reviews the voucher and issues the required amount. 

gift card to cash

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In comparison to websites, kiosks offer lower cashback.

Friends And Family

The most traditional method of exchanging a gift card for cash is approaching a friend or family member. You can use the trust factor to sell the card to your friends or family and earn a decent amount for the card. No bank account is attached to a gift card, so anyone is free to use it without the requirement of authorization.

Reloading Amazon Gift Card Balance

One dying Gift card can give life to another gift card! You can add your Visa gift card to the Amazon Gift card by following simple instructions on the Amazon website or app. This way, you utilize the Amex card and get discounts through Amazon! Your card is ready to be used on Amazon for online shopping and all purchases.

Money Transfer To A PayPal Account

  •  First, Sign in to your PayPal account and choose the option titled “Wallet.”
  • Now select an option to link your card.
  • Enter the details, validate, and you are done!

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Money Transfer To Venmo Account

If you are thinking about how to get money off a visa gift card, then transferring the money to your Venmo account is a good way.

buy visa gift card with paypal Direct deposition of cash happens with the use of Venmo. Like PayPal. Login to the website of Venmo and get your card linked. After this, the money transfer commences.

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Using An App

  • Now, apps have come up that offer those willing to sell their Visa gift cards. 
  • Few e-Commerce websites have developed apps capable of performing a sale. 
  • Comparing offers on both apps and websites is advisable before selling the card.

Money Orders

If you are still thinking of how to turn visa gift cards into cash, another way is to load your Visa gift card into a Money order. It is a payment mode where a person must pay first and then obtain the money order. You can exchange your Amex card for a money order and then deposit this money order into your bank account as cash. Wanted to check whether your credit card number is valid or not? Just check it by clicking here!

Utilizing The Card For Hiring And Outsourcing Daily Activities

You may hire people to do odd jobs for you, such as cleaning your garden, washing your car, cleaning your house occasionally, etc. The people hired to perform this job would be more than willing to accept payment in the form of a Visa gift card as they can use it later.

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Bill Payments

While this does not fall under the same scheme of Visa gift cards to cash, you can clear your bills using the Visa gift card. Remember, Visa gift cards work like prepaid debit card and is completely compatible with online bill payments. Instead of using your credit or debit card, use your Visa gift card the next time you pay a bill towards utilities. Wanted to generate Bulk credit card numbers? Click here!

Buying A Gift Card From Another Merchant

If you cannot cash out your Visa gift card, you can swap your existing gift card with a gift card offered by another merchant with greater benefits and perks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the authentic websites to sell a Visa Gift card?

While there are many websites to choose from, a user must select the website based on the highest conversion of Visa gift card to cash and the website's authenticity. Here are some helpful websites: Raise Cardpool CardCash Gift card Zen

What are some of the good apps to sell a Visa gift card?

Most websites that are in the business of accepting Visa gift cards themselves have built apps that perform a similar job. The Raise app is a popular one when it comes to selling Visa cards. These apps provide cashback benefits; you can get the money deposited directly into your bank account or a PayPal account.

Is selling your Visa gift card worth it?

As mentioned earlier, money lying idle in the Visa gift card hardly benefits anybody. It is ideal if one chooses to exchange or sell it to avail of a better offer in cash or a new gift card.

What are some of the good websites to trade your Visa gift card?

Some sites which can act as replacements for physical kiosks and offer a cashback offer or the offer of another gift card are: CardCash Target


With that, we have clarified how to cash out visa gift cards. Visa gift cards are great ways to make payments, and they come with a good number of perks and benefits. If you cannot utilize these perks, converting a Visa gift card to cash is the best way forward.

With kiosks, websites, and apps at your service, it is relatively simple to exchange a gift card for cash. Most methods mentioned above offer great cashback offers, and it is always better to claim cash for a card that would otherwise lay idle in your wallet.

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