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Over the years, digital banking has brought most financial processes onto smartphones, laptops, and PCs. This transition has been so impactful that even cards, be they credit cards or debit cards, have taken a virtual avatar. One such transition is the virtual prepaid card which is popular amongst users. The virtual MasterCard is gaining traction amongst all those reaping the benefits of digital banking. Check out the Valid MasterCard Credit Card Generator to generate the valid MasterCard debit card number.

A virtual card is fairly easier to obtain than a physical card. Being a prepaid card, the process of applying is also simple and adds to the ease of using the card. The MasterCard network is the most reliable and highly used network, with a great brand image regarding credit cards, debit cards, and other cards. The prepaid MasterCard is already a hit, and, in this article, we shall learn about its virtual variant.

Read on to understand the growing interest in virtual cards, and check out the benefits of a virtual MasterCard!

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An Introduction To Virtual Cards

A virtual card works in the same way as that of a physical card, except that it is stored online, and there is no physical copy of a virtual card. The card contains all the relevant information, such as your card number, CVV Number, expiry month, etc. The virtual card eliminates the requirement of carrying a card with you, as you just need a smartphone to store the card details.

virtual card

These details can be accessed from any other device as well since the information is safely stored online.

Apart from the application process, virtual cards work more or less in a similar way as that of normal cards. Online transactions, rewards, cashback, and digital transfers are all performed perfectly by a virtual card. Wanted to generate Bulk credit card numbers? Click here!

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Virtual Cards And Their Types

Here you will come to know different type of virtual cards.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are further classified into two types Non- Prepaid cards and Prepaid cards. Stay tight and read further!

Non-Prepaid Cards

Virtual debit cards are simply an online version of a physical debit card where all processes to obtain such a card remain the same, except that there is no provision for a physical card. 

Prepaid Cards

These are the most commonly used virtual cards with the option of attaching your bank account or loading the card with money from different sources. 

prepaid card

Virtual prepaid debit cards are cost-effective, safe, easy to obtain, and use.

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Credit Cards

There are options to obtain a credit card virtually. Like virtual debit cards, this too is just an online version of your credit card and follows the conventional application process.

Non-prepaid cards

There are options to obtain a credit card virtually. Like virtual debit cards, this too is just an online version of your credit card and follows the conventional application process.

Prepaid credit cards

Virtual prepaid credit cards recently entered the market and are primarily of two types.

prepaid credit card

Reloadable and single use prepaid cards are two types of prepaid credit cards.


You can use these virtual master cards multiple times and recharge them with money whenever required. The cards, however, charge a fee for reloading.


As the name suggests, these virtual credit cards are disposed of after using funds. These cards come at a lesser cost and are much safer as the card is not permanent and only temporary.

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The Virtual MasterCard

MasterCard partners with many banks, offering various kinds of virtual cards. A Master virtual card is beneficial when it comes to online shopping. It comes with longer validity, and in some cards, payment is possible in multiple currencies. The virtual MasterCard has several benefits to offer, some of which are listed below:

Good Replacement For Cash Payments

A virtual card eliminates the need to carry cash, making it much safer. Further, cash payments do not offer any rewards to the user. On the other hand, virtual cards can offer some perks depending on the bank they are connected to. 

paypal virtual mastercard

Cash transactions are rather cumbersome when it comes to online payments. A virtual card, especially operating on MasterCard, is a specific design for online transactions. Wanted to check whether your credit card number is valid or not? Just check it by clicking here!


Since there is none physical copy of your card, the chances of your card getting lost, stolen, or falling into the wrong hands are highly unlikely. All information is stored online. You can also protect this information by deploying firewalls and other means. MasterCard offers a special MasterCard ID theft protection once you purchase this card, adding another layer to your security.

Digital Banking

Fund transfer is more seamless and simpler between two accounts using a virtual card. Since the card is virtual, the transfer of funds can also happen without the presence of a card reading machine. Funds transfer between friends and family is difficult using physical cards due to the absence of a card reader. 

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Easy To Obtain

Probably, the most important reason for a virtual card; a user need not have a bank account to obtain such a card. Entering basic details for authentication is sufficient to get this card and make maximum use of it. If you choose to purchase a single-use card, the application procedure is even more simple.


Compared to physical cards, virtual cards charge nominal fees. There is no interest fee. The monthly fee and maintenance fee charged is also not high. The only charge applicable is while recharging or reloading a card.


Like on credit cards, banks and companies have started offering many rewards like points, miles, and cash back while using virtual cards as well.

emrald card

A user can have all the same benefits on online transactions as a credit card. Choosing a bank partner with the virtual MasterCard network that offers these benefits is a high recommendation before purchasing a virtual card.

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Wide Range Of Companies

A user has the freedom to choose from multiple banks and companies to choose from, and there is no dearth of choices.


Are virtual cards legal?

Virtual cards are perfectly legal. They are available by premium banks, and there is always some information that the issuing company asks to validate a card. Further, the card comes with a card number, CVV, and other details.

What are the companies providing a virtual prepaid MasterCard?

Some companies offering a virtual card are: PayPal, Netspend, Revolut, Venmo, Branch, Walmart.

Where can I use a virtual prepaid card?

Apart from daily transactions, virtual cards are mainly used for the following: Online shopping, Online gaming and purchases made on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation, Purchases made on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, etc., Purchases made on Microsoft Office.

Do I need a bank account to obtain a virtual card?

The best part of a virtual card is the fact that you do not need to attach a bank account with it. You may, however, need a bank account if you choose to make an online variant of your physical credit or debit card.

What are the other networks offering virtual cards?

Apart from MasterCard, a few other networks offer virtual cards as well. Some of them are: Visa, American Express, CapitalOne, CitiBank.

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This is all about the virtual MasterCard. We have also caught a glimpse of how a virtual card works and its benefits. MasterCard has a variety of virtual cards to choose from that provide benefits for online shopping, purchases, and online gaming. Customers may look at all the cards offered by MasterCard and make the best-informed choice.

When it comes to virtual cards, the network hardly plays a significant role. It is the banks that have partnered with the bank that one must look for to avail of maximum perks.

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