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This article brings you a holistic review of the MGM rewards Credit Card which has been in circulation for quite some time. Previously known as the Mlife rewards credit card, this card comes with a wide range of benefits and perks for customers of the MGM group.mgm

The main idea of this article is to provide you a brief Mlife credit card review embedded with the whole picture regarding the MGM rewards MasterCard, its benefits & perks, it’s key features and shortcomings evaluated on the basis of customer’s premises.

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MGM Rewards Credit Card Review

Here, We will cover the wide range of reward structure, fees involved, perks & benefits and other shortcomings of the MGM rewards credit card.

Rewards Structure

  • Earned using the MGM card via points and tier credits.
  • Every dollar spent towards a purchase gives you 1X points and tier credits, while every dollar spent at a gas station or a supermarket gives you 2X points and tier credits.
  • A dollar spent at any location linked to MGM gives you 3X points and tier credits back.
  • All points earned via the MGM card are MGM MasterCard Points. These points are deposited into your MGM rewards account as Slot Dollars.
  • A cardholder can convert Slot Dollars to reward points at any MGM helpdesk.mllife rewards
  • While you can accumulate points through any purchase, redemption is possible only at MGM destinations. Another way of earning points is via betting, gaming, and poker stations operated by MGM.
  • Point redemption remains restricted to entertainment, diners, hotels, and casinos falling under the ambit of the MGM group.  Read  RBL  Credit  Card  Review.

mgm rewards

  • Deposition of 10,000 points occurs upon signing up if ₹ 1000 is spent within the first three billing cycles.
  • Deposition of 25,000 points occurs upon signing up if ₹ 5000 are spent within the first six billing cycles. 
  • Accumulation of points happens till the account exists without any expiry period.
  • After 7-10 days have elapsed from any billing cycle, points deposition into the MGM reward account occurs. Wanted to know whether your credit card number is valid or not? Check it out on Credit Card Validator.

Other Benefits

  • Awarding an automatic Pearl Status happens as soon as a customer signs up for the MGM MasterCard. 
  • This Pearl Status helps availing free parking facilities at MGM destinations and advantages such as priority check-in and lesser waiting time to confirm reservations.
  • Tier credits earned keep elevating your status in the Mlife category unlocking bigger benefits as you keep climbing up the ladder of your tier status.
  • Identity theft protection and concierge access.

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Fees Involved

  • MGM rewards credit card comes with a zero annual fee and a zero foreign currency markup.
  • However, a 5% balance transfer fee is levied, and the average purchase APR is also significantly high (close to 20.24%).mlife credit cards
  • A 5% cash advance transfer fee is also levied.
  • 3THe return-payment fee is 35 dollars, and the late payment fee is 40 dollars.

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  • The MGM credit card has its benefits solely focused on destinations belonging to the MGM group. The redemption of points happens only here, and it is not very profitable to invest in a card with gains concentrated only at selected locations.
  • Earning Tier credits and upgrading Tier Credit status entail higher spending.

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Is This Card Really Valuable?

The best assessment of this card would be that it is only appropriate for frequent travelers, particularly for those who enjoy visiting casinos, playing poker, and other forms of gambling. Many cards already exist in the market that offers greater benefits for online shopping, purchases, and ticket bookings. Their user compliance is also relatively simple, and the redeemability of their rewards is more seamless.

MGM cards put you into tiers, and it may take a long time and constant spending to elevate your status in these tiers. This creates some elitism. Given the options available today, investing so much into an elitist credit card system that offers few rewards seems rather lucrative.mlife mgm credit card

MGM cards offer concierge access and priority check-in at all times. These facilities are usually unavailable for general customers. A plus side for this card could be that it partners with premium MGM destinations where getting a booking can be taxing.

A problem expressed by many users who are not card related per se is the faulty recovery points from the First National Bank of Omaha website, which is marred with technical glitches and slowdowns. There have been reviews of cardholders showing resentment with the method of point calculation. Many purchases made under the supermarket purchase category are counted as general purchases leading to a loss of points as there are only 1X reward points for available purchases. If you want to generate free master card number click here

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which bank is the MGM rewards credit card affiliated with?

The MasterCard network affiliates credit card. The MGM credit card.

What are slot dollars?

The MGM Rewards credit card deposits any reward points you earn into your account as slot money. Their conversion to Freeplay points is useful for redemption at any casino the MGM group operates. You may complete this conversion to reward problems at any MGM help desk.

Where is my account activity reported?

MGM rewards credit card has partnered with agencies such as Equifax, Experian, and Transunion to monitor their cardholder's account activity.

What is the eligibility for this card?

To be eligible for the MGM Rewards credit card, a candidate must be 21 years old and have an MGM Rewards account. Another key factor that determines your application is your credit score. You should check your credit score just before applying, as the credit score is dynamic and may fluctuate.


As this card does not have an independent entity as its owner, it depends on the FNBO bank at the banking end; this may cause some hindrance to customers. At the same time, this card offers great benefits at premium MGM locations, which can provide certain luxuries to the cardholder. Perks such as zero parking fees, zero annual fees, and zero foreign currency markup add more value to the card. Thus, the MGM rewards credit card categories in the travel and hospitality categories have all benefits limited to MGM destinations.

This is the perfect card for those engaged in traveling and staying at hotels (At MGM destinations only). I hope by now you have a better understanding of the MGM credit card! Safe travels!

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