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A relatively modern form of transaction, the credit card has gained massive popularity over the years and worldwide. As we transform into a truly cashless society, the dependency on digital transaction forms keeps increasing, especially with credit cards, as they come with many benefits (rewards, cashback, etc.) for the user. However, increasing credit card usage has also led to a greater commitment to fraud. “How often do credit card frauds get caught?” This is the question we must ask ourselves.

Credit card fraud has become a huge problem in the United States. Between 2019 and 2020, there was a rise of over 48% in credit card fraud and identity theft cases. While the number of complaints is high, the bitter truth is that there is not even 1% of the resolution. Resulting in huge monetary loss and loss of privacy for the user. In this article, we take a look at what defines credit fraud and how often credit card fraud card fraud

Read on to understand the situation’s gravity better and tackle fraudsters appropriately.

What Defines Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is financial fraud. It entails the illegal use of a credit card to steal money, purchase, or make payments without the permission or knowledge of the cardholder. It also results in identity fraud because the fraudster gets complete access to your banking and personal details in the course of committing fraud.

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Ways To Know How Often Do Credit Card Frauds Get Caught?

As mentioned previously, the chances of catching credit card fraud are minuscule. The rate of catching fraud is less than 1% in most cases and a single-digit percentage in others. There are, however, mechanisms in place to detect fraud; hence, the more pertinent question would be: How are credit card frauds caught?

The first step in identifying fraud lies with the user, who must be vigilant enough to report fraud as soon as it occurs.

  1. When a user experiences fraud, they must immediately report it to the bank/company that has issued the card and permanently block it.
  2. Subsequently, the user must file a report with law enforcement organizations and the cybercrime department. This will not guarantee the reversal of your fraud; however, it may help the police catch the fraudster in case there is a pattern. Even after due process, how often credit card frauds get caught remains a mystery. 

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Preventive Measures For Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

We now understand there cannot be a satisfactory answer to how often credit card frauds get caught. However, what we can do, is implement mechanisms that can prevent fraud from happening in the first card fraud

  1. Your identity is a major factor in credit fraud. Identity protection is an ideal way of preventing the occurrence of fraud. Constantly updating your passwords involved in banking and credit card accounts can do this. Further, never share your credit card PIN/password or number with anyone unless authorized to do so by a trusted authority.
  2. Stay vigilant and do not make payments via credit cards on suspicious websites. Try to get a good look at the privacy policy of suspicious websites before making payments. Do not click on any link unrelated to cost that pops up only while making a payment.
  3. Always cross-check if a call from a bank or banking company is authentic, and avoid sharing personal information via phone on such calls.
  4. Install spam-detecting software on your phone and cybersecurity software on your laptop/PC to detect any suspicious activity.
  5. Always keep a tab on your transactions and check your monthly bank statements to confirm all genuine transactions.
  6. Try using headless e-commerce platforms and ones that are more secure.

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Different Types of Credit Card Fraud

These are the different types of credit card frauds that happen.


This fraud occurs mainly at ATMs when a cardholder inserts their card into the machine to access banking services. With enhanced technology, fraudsters illegally install credit card readers onto the ATM. As soon as the insertion of the original card, the reader captures important information about the user stored in the credit card chip and stores it.skimming Fraudsters later upload this information onto a blank card used as an original. These readers are somewhat similar to those used by retailers and businesses.

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Theft & Stealing

Stealing a card is the simplest way to collect information from a fraudsters.scammers The moment fraudster steels your credit card, They can gather every piece of information available on the card (and even make transactions) until your bank blocks this card.

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Something similar to skimming, cloning involves stealing credit card information to make an alternate blank card for fraudulent purchases.
cloningSkilled criminals might resell the duplicated data on the black market or download it onto other credit cards to make unlawful transactions.

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Different Ways Of Committing Fraud

We now know the three main types of fraud. Fraudsters have employed various means to commit these frauds without raising any suspicion. 

Online Transactions

We may not know how often credit card frauds get caught. However, we certainly know what causes them. With the boom of e-commerce, the number of online transactions has grown leaps and bounds. Every e-commerce website asks the user to enter banking information to proceed with the payment. online transactions frauds

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This information is sufficient for a fraudster to do their work. Pop-ups, fake websites, are all attacks on the user’s screen, and clicking any of these links leads the user to another tab asking for credit card details. The fraud is complete if the user is not cautious enough and enters their card details.

How do fraudsters get caught in internet scams? They don’t; if they do, it’s a rare few. This is because, in such a scam, the identity of a fraudster always remains anonymous, and it is extremely difficult to trace the fraudster.

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Banks And Fraudulent Calls

Everyone owning a mobile has encountered calls from marketing companies and banks which are promotional and sometimes give important information such as delayed payments, pending payments, etc.fraud calls

Fraudsters frequently exploit this process. The scammer can pretend to be a bank official and ask for your bank account information. Given the amount of data available on the internet, even merely giving your credit card number can provide the fraudster the key to your accounts and personal details.

Lotteries And Messages

Daily, fraudsters send messages to millions of users to invest in a certain scheme, participate in the lottery, etc. and promise them excessive money in return for disclosing their bank or card details.lottery scams Replying to such messages or even clicking the adjoining link present in these messages can make your bank details public, and within moments your bank account becomes empty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My credit card was stolen by a fraudster. What are the chances of getting caught using a stolen credit card to commit fraud?

The probability of getting catch is less as fraudsters usually mine all the data from the stolen card and upload it on another card. This makes it difficult to trace a fraudster's location or identity.

Which are the official credit reporting agencies?

TransUnion Experian Equifax

Does credit card fraud form an identity theft?

Yes, credit card fraud involves mining your personal information making it identity theft.

Do I get my money back even if the fraud is not caught?

Unfortunately, there is no compensation for victim if credit card fraud occurs. Compensation may only if the fraudster is liable to pay back.


In our quest to understand how often credit card frauds get caught, we have realized that the number is negligible. In this game, the fraudster always has the upper hand, and the victim can only arm themselves with ways to prevent such a fraud.

Hopefully, this article has broadened your knowledge of credit card fraud, and you will become more vigilant with your credit card transactions in the future.

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