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PayPal is an excellent platform for fund transfers, payments, shopping, retailing, and of course, receiving rewards. With a website, online banking, mobile banking, and even a wide range of cards, such as debit, credit, and prepaid cards, PayPal is extremely popular amongst people of all age groups. With PayPal, it is so easy to do transactions on any site, like live games 1xbet. With so many benefits, were you aware of the fact that you can buy Visa gift card with PayPal? Check out the Valid MasterCard Credit Card Generator to generate the valid MasterCard debit card number.

buy visa gift card with paypal

PayPal comes armed with PayPal digital gifts that make the process of purchasing gift cards or selling them seamlessly. There is an option to send gift cards via PayPal to recipients even if they do not have a PayPal account. With this article, we understand the process of buying a Visa gift card using PayPal.

Find out more about the interaction of PayPal and Visa gift cards using the information below!

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Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift works on the same concept as that of a prepaid card, through which a user can perform day-to-day transactions. An initial amount is deposited into this card, and the cardholder can make purchases within the cash limit. The benefits of such a card are the fact you do not need a bank account and can use this card the same way as a debit or credit card for making purchases offline as well as online.

visa gift card

Some gift cards are reloadable, and you can recharge them after the cash in the card is used.

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Buy Visa e-gift Card With PayPal 

PayPal makes use of three main platforms for the purpose of selling gift cards. These platforms include:

  • Facebook Marketplace (for US accounts) –a user can purchase only one card
  • eBay (only the US website) – provision to obtain multiple gift cards
  • PayPal website (only the US website) – provision to obtain multiple gift cards


  • On logging onto the websites given above, an array of gift cards show up.
  • Choose the best possible option made for you and enter all the required details to validate.
  • Pay the amount displayed using PayPal.

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Why Should You Purchase Visa Gift Card With PayPal?

There are various reasons why you should buy visa gift card with PayPal. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

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If you buy Visa gift card with PayPal, you get to associate with premium retail chains such as Starbucks, Amazon, Xbox, Gamestop, etc. Wanted to generate Bulk credit card numbers? Click here!

Easier To Apply

The Visa gift card acts like a prepaid card, and the biggest benefit of such a card is that you do not need a bank account to apply. 

The gift card, with such a simple application procedure, can still be used like a normal debit card for making online transactions and even earning rewards.

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A user does not have to worry about identity theft or security issues. PayPal is a trusted brand, and there is a negligible chance of your banking information falling into the wrong hands. Wanted to check whether your credit card number is valid or not? Just check it by clicking here!

Where Do I Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card With PayPal?

Following are some of the platforms from where you can purchase virtual gift card with PayPal:


Known for its e-vouchers and reward redemption. Any user can log in to Gyft and search for the option to buy or sell gift cards. Redeeming gift cards is also an option. After making the right choice, the user gets to use PayPal for any payment that has to happen. Gyft brings the biggest of the brands, such as Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks.


The perfect place to buy Visa gift card with PayPal if you have to purchase a group gift, eGifter has a plethora of options to offer to its customers. Even though the popularity of this platform is not as high as its counterparts, eGifter will not disappoint!

Gift Card Mall

The ideal destination for all gift card enthusiasts, the Gift Card Mall offers the widest range of gift cards which are buyable using PayPal. The Gift Card Mall offers not just virtual gift cards; it also offers gift cards that are available physically. The cards on offer in the Gift Card Mall are suitable for extravagant celebrations for birthdays, Christmas, and other festivals.

One4all Gift Cards

Here, the user gets to create a gift card that the user can gift to others as well. Like other platforms, One4all Gift Cards offer a good variety of retailers as well. 

Gift Cards

While other platforms offer many gift cards, Gift Cards are the go-to destination for specifically purchasing Visa gift cards. Here, you can get cards from over a hundred retailers with a tinge of personalization catering to brands such as Uber, Amazon, MasterCard, etc.

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gift card

The most exciting feature of the cards obtained here is that you can earn reward points and redeem them for future purchases. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is a Visa gift card better than a debit card?

A Visa gift card is better than a debit card in terms of ease of application. You do not need a bank account to buy an online visa gift card with PayPal. A debit card, however, makes it compulsory on the cardholder to have an attached bank account.

Does the Visa gift card yield reward points?

A Visa gift card is a prepaid card, and the chances of earning rewards, points, or cash back are rather slim. However, if the card is partnered with a promising card issuer, a user can earn certain rewards and points.

Are Visa gift cards cost-effective?

Visa gift cards are not very expensive, and many of them come in nominal amounts. There is, however, some maintenance fee that the user must pay either monthly or annually. If you do not have a stable bank balance, use PayPal quite often, and have a fluctuating credit score, then the best thing is to buy Visa gift card with PayPal.

How often can I reload my card?

The gift card comes with an amount that is already fixed, and the user must make the transaction within the stipulated amount. There are few cards that allow a user to recharge their gift cards. Any gift card which does not come with the reload option has to be discarded after the cash in it has been spent.

Are gift cards safe to use?

Visa gift cards are completely safe, and you do not have to worry about their legality or safety. Since there is no bank account attached to these cards, there is no way that your banking details will become public or used by anyone for fraudulent activities.

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With that, we have properly understood what a gift card is and how it is beneficial to buy such a card using PayPal. Most gift cards today are virtual in nature and are stored electronically. There are few physical variants; they, however, do not bring with them many benefits.

On the whole, if you were to buy Visa gift card with PayPal, you would save the back-breaking process of applying for a debit card, validating a bank account, and spending loads of money on the annual as well as monthly money. The gift card is a great replacement for cash payments as it gives back some points and is fantastic when it comes to making payments online for shopping or retailing. 

Log in to PayPal and enjoy the perks of becoming a gift cardholder!

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